Hickory Hardwood Floor Installation & Finish

This project was truly amazing. The Seneca hickory used in this flooring was an absolute showstopper with its stunning appearance. As one of the hardest domestic woods, hickory is known for its durability and strength. With the wide range of colors and unique grain patterns, a hickory floor is sure to make a lasting impression. To bring out the full potential of this beautiful wood, the floor was sanded down to a smooth 120-grit finish. For the ultimate durability and protection, Loba Supra A.T. finish was used. This finish is renowned for its strength and long-lasting capabilities. The end result is a breathtaking hickory floor that is not only visually stunning but also built to last. The combination of the Seneca hickory and Loba Supra A.T. finish ensures that this floor will be a beloved feature of the home for many years to come.

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