Boise Hardwood Floor Installation

Trusted Hardwood Floor Installation Process

The foundation of a beautiful floor starts during the installation phase. With improper layout and design of a flooring project, many errors are bound to happen. Through experience, by using our process and procedures, we guarantee that everything is done correctly from the start.

Integrity Hardwood Floors has
over 40 years of Hardwood Floor Installation experience in Boise.

By using the best hardwod installation practices such as proper sub-floor, moisture control, gluing & nailing schedules you are guaranteed a great looking floor. A great floor is one that feels smooth, flat, free from defects & will never squeak. Why would you want anything less than perfect now, or in 20 years.

The reason we use the best methods and others don’t, is we do hardwood floor installations with a passion. This is not just a 8am-5pm job for us, this is our personal company. Each and every client matters to us and our companies success.

Integrity Hardwood Floors follows NWFA specs for Boise hardwood floor installations. Each year they take part in doing classes to ensure they are up-to-date on techniques and products. With new products being put out yearly, certifications & classes make sure the proper techniques are always observed. By not adapting a company would be doing the absolute wrong install practices with good intentions.

Testimonial of Hardwood Installation

"Integrity Hardwood Floors did an amazing job on our floor & the wood installation in our Boise home was impeccable. We were very happy with the whole process start to finish & he informed us of every step. The floor tied our whole house together and through Levi's help we chose the right product. The end result was better than we could ever have imagined. " Walter K..

Hardwood Installation in Boise

Hardwood is the essence of craftsmanship. A quality hardwood floor can be seen, touched & trusted. Hardwood floor installation not only is the foundation to a great a floor but it can also be seen in the finished product. A poorly installed wood floor will cup, crown, loosen, move etc.  Integrity Hardwood Floors prepares for these scenarios so your floor will not be effected. “The devil is in the detail.”

You can expect from a wood floor installation:

  • Correct Sub-floor Fastening
  • Moisture Control for Plywood/Concrete
  • Proper Gluing
  • Cleat Schedules According to NWFA
  • Defected Wood Thrown Out

What to Expect Integrity Hardwood to do:

  • On time
  • Respectful of your property
  • Be tidy during job work days
  • Understanding of any special needs you might have
  • Able to answer any questions
  • Always Making sure Proper Technique Use
The Hardwood Floor Installation Process
  • The Bid
  • The Work
  • Walk-thru & Cleaning

Integrity Hardwood will come to your house for a consultation. We like to see the area you are wanting to install wood at, understand your expectations and then go from there. We will accurately measure your area and take notes on the install area and discuss anything special needed. After consulting to hear your needs, we will write up an estimate for you to read. IF you think our personalities, business practices and our expectations meet yours, you can let us know to schedule the job.

On the day of the hardwood floor installation work, we show up and do a simple walk-thru one last time before getting started. We then moisture test the wood to ensure proper installation can begin. After we determine that everything lines up, the actual work for the hardwood installation begins.

After the work is completed we do a walk-thru. This allows us to show off our hard work and make sure it meets your expectations. We like enjoying the floor at the end of the job with our clients. Each floor we do is unique and comes with its own set of challenges.

Products & Tools

Integrity Hardwood Floors uses some of the best products on the market. We have used the same products for many years. These include: Bona R859, Bona Traffic, Loba PU280, Powernail and a few others. The key to the products we use is that they can be trusted for your hardwood floor installation. With over 400 jobs of experience with these products, we know they just work and work well.

Some products might be the best in the world, but if the contractor does not have sufficient amount of time with that said product it can be disastrous. Integrity Hardwood Floors always stays within the product lines they know and use everyday. The best brands ensure the best results.

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