Walnut Install, Handscrape & Finish

The project at hand was quite fascinating. Initially, the homeowners had a prefinished handscraped walnut floor installed. However, when they decided to add onto their home, they wanted the new floor to match the previous one. To achieve this, Integrity Hardwood Floors installed new walnut flooring and then handscraped it by hand, to give it the same unique character as the original floor. The final step involved buffing and coating the existing floor. The end result was simply stunning. The combination of the newly installed and handscraped walnut flooring with the buffed and coated original floor created a cohesive and visually impressive space. This project was a success in achieving a seamless transition between the old and new flooring. The handscraped walnut floor added a touch of character and charm, while the buffed and coated original floor complemented it perfectly.

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